Funding Qualifications

Potential Clients are able to qualify for $10,000 - $400,000 in personal unsecured funding. Our loans are funded in all Cash. We do not offer credit cards nor do we offer lines of credit at this time. We base all approvals on personal credit as well as the annual income of the borrower.

All potential borrowers are required to have a minimum 650 credit score on all three credit bureaus in order to qualify for funding.

Potential borrowers must also have no more than 6 inquiries within the last 12 months, and at least 3 open active and established tradelines. A minimum annual income of $30,000 is also required in order to apply for funding. We service individuals who are self employed, 1099, as well as W2 status employees. Potential borrowers must create an account with one of three preferred credit monitoring sites in order to move forward: or

Should any bankruptcy exist on the Client's credit profile, we require a 2 year time period since the discharge date. Borrowers must also have a 50% or less credit utilization rate - for this reason, individuals seeking funding for the purposes of debt consolidation are typically not approved. We also prefer there be at least 1 year since the last late reported to the credit profile.


Minimum 650 credit scores all three bureaus


Annual income of $30k or more


No more than 6 inquiries within the last 12 months


50% or less credit utilization ratio


At least 3 current active and established primary trade lines


Bankruptcy must be at least 2 years old

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